If you are looking for the most powerful Kratom powder alkaloids consistency, then look no further than Artisan Botanicals’ red vein Kratom powder. Artisan’s red Kratom is one of the most popular blends for customers who are just beginning their journey to discover more about this miracle plant. Known for its extreme potency, red vein Kratom is high in alkaloid quantity, great tasting, and a favorite by the majority of our customers. Our red vein Kratom, and red vein Kratom capsules are sold every day proving that this beautiful Kratom leaf is the most sought-after blend in the market.

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Red Maeng Da, Kratom Powder


Red Bali, Kratom Powder


Red Thai, Kratom Powder


Red Maeng Da, Kratom Capsules


Kapuas Red Strain, Hybrid Grown Powder


Red Bali, Kratom Capsules


Red Thai, Kratom Capsules


Red Crushed Leaf


Kapuas Red Strain, Hybrid Grown Capsules


What exactly are red vein Kratom strains?

Red vein Kratom is the original. The pure O.G. of all Kratom powder strains. From the mountains of West Kalimantan, to the jungles of Borneo, this particular red color of Kratom has dominated in popularity among people who have just started their journey with Kratom powder and customers who have been enjoying the taste of Kratom powder for years.


Since 90% of all Kratom leaves originate as red strain, almost every other color generates from these leaves. This is due to cultivation, harvesting, and drying. When you purchase red vein Kratom powder from Artisan Botanicals, you are getting Kratom in its purest form, untainted, and untouched by no one but Mother Nature. Red Kratom is what all other colors originate from, which is why it is so potent and a high quality choice for our customers. Red vein Kratom simply refers to the color of the vein within the leaf of the Kratom tree. The more deeper the color, the more mature the tree. This equation brings about the quality and power our customers have come to know and love about our red Kratom products. The alkaloid consistency in red vein powder has been known as the most potent in the family of Mitragyna Speciosa and one of the reasons so many people always fall back on its consistent quality.


Is Red Vein Kratom Safe?

As a responsible Kratom consumer, you are obligated to make the correct decisions about your purchases when it comes to Kratom. If you are just learning about Kratom powder, you may not understand that an uncontaminated Kratom leaf only exists due to the responsibility accepted by the vendor who is offering the product to you. Any type of Kratom has the chance to be tainted during the separation and drying process. It is during these times that responsible vendors will take extra precautions to make these processes as safe and clean as possible. 

A responsible Kratom tea drinker, or someone who is curious to know more, will always do their research about a new vendor. Finding a responsible vendor is your goal if you wish to continue enjoying Kratom powder. Vendors who fit this criteria will ensure that each batch they offer to their customers are lab tested for heavy metals and bacteria. This ensures the safety of the customer. Always ask to see the lab reports of any new Kratom vendor you would like to try out. Here at Artisan Botanicals, our red vein Kratom is safe. We take the necessary precautions to make sure our Kratom leaves are clean from harvesting to drying and finally arriving at your door. We proudly test each batch of our Kratom before offering it to our customers and take pride in serving you the best possible Kratom powder in the market.


What Is The Strongest Red Vein Kratom Powder?

Here at Artisan Botanicals we take pride in harvesting, drying, and distributing the strongest Kratom powder in the industry. Every red strain we offer will have that special kick you expect when you consume red Kratom tea. Each one of our customers are different and each one will share a different answer to what they think is the strongest red vein product. We are partial to our Red Bali Kratom because of the meticulous and natural processing it goes through. We only choose the most mature, and darkest red Kratom leaves which bring the most potency for our customers. No matter which red strain you choose, you will be content with the strength it can bring to your daily routine.


Why Do People Love Red Bali Kratom?

The majority of new Kratom tea drinkers are almost always pointed to our red bali Kratom strain. This is because of the consistency this blend brings to your daily life through it’s dark red veins and mature taste. Red bali Kratom is possibly the strongest Kratom powder selection one could make when they buy Kratom powder online. Simply put, it has been said that red bali targets the majority of problems in which people are choosing to solve in their lives. People love red bali Kratom because it is one of the easiest strains to process for vendors and it brings about a feeling of wellness for the customer consistently.


What Is Red Vein Kratom Good For?

We live in a stressful world. Many people suffer from various struggles in life that can affect their daily routine. Red vein Kratom is a staple in the homes of people who are suffering from the stresses of life that seem to overwhelm them. It has been said that red vein Kratom can uplift with a spirit of wellness, motivation, and momentum for people who are just not feeling like themselves. Balance and wellness are two great words that describe our red vein Kratom selections. When you're looking to buy Kratom online, our red vein is a great start.