Are you searching for the strongest, purest form of Kratom extracts for your daily routine? If so, Artisan Botanicals is one of the leading Kratom vendors who has perfected the art of Kratom extraction by including nature’s own remedies for your life. We take pride in being one of the only naturally holistic companies to provide quality Kratom extracts our customers love.

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    Why Choose Kratom Extracts

    You already understand that Kratom powder online is beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Many people stand firm on that idea and we agree. However, adding Kratom extracts to your daily routine every other week can help with several aspects of your consumption.

    When you choose to experience Kratom in extracted form you are getting more power and potency with your favorite strains. Many of our customers enjoy Kratom extracts with their favorite dosage which eliminates their dosage by half. The extra boost in power allows you to dose with less and therefore get more out of your daily Kratom intake. 

    Kratom extracts make for a welcome change to tolerance too as it eliminates the amount of Kratom powder you take when you add an extract into the mix. 


    How We Make Our Kratom Extracts

    Our Kratom extracts are MIT45 or 45%. A product like our Kratom extract chewables and our powerful Kratom extract capsules are very potent. This means we have taken 45 grams of Kratom (including leaf and stem) and reduced it to 1 gram of Kratom concentrate. This brings power and consistency with each bit of extract you experience. We have perfected the art of extraction because Artisan Botanicals has learned how to preserve more alkaloids, not just mitragynine, in the Kratom powder. This makes for an overall cleaner and more qualified Kratom extract product we are proud to offer our customers.


    Are Kratom Extracts Right For Me?

    Many customers ask us if Kratom extracts are right for them. More often than not, the answer is yes. If you have taken Kratom powder for any amount of time, your body understands the effects Kratom can bring and is used to it. We recommend a new Kratom customer, or someone who is purchasing Kratom for the first time to start with our regular Kratom powder from Mother Nature before purchasing Kratom extracts. Most of our Kratom customers come back to the extracts because they enjoy that extra kick of potency our Kratom extract brings. If you have any questions about extracts, or would like to learn how you can buy Kratom online, please contact our customer support for more details.