A purchase of Green vein Kratom powder from Artisan Botanicals means a purchase of high quality assurance, valued customer service, and vendor responsibility. Artisan Botanicals is careful to take care of every process in our Green vein Kratom powder production. Starting high in the humid jungles and in the thick overgrowth in the mountains of Indonesia, Artisan’s promise begins. Our green Kratom powder is hand-picked, dried, and blended with care to produce some of the favorite, lab-tested blends you have grown to love with Artisan Botanicals. We take your trust very seriously and make it our priority to deliver on high-quality products to every customer around the country.

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Green Maeng Da, Kratom Powder


Green Bali, Kratom Powder


Green Malay, Kratom Powder


Green Maeng Da, Kratom Capsules


Green Malay, Kratom Capsules


Green Bali, Kratom Capsules


Green Crushed Leaf


What Is green vein Kratom?

Green vein Kratom powder has been listed as one of the most popular strains of Kratom with our customer base. When our customers buy Kratom online, Green Kratom is one of their first options. Green is a variation based off of the Kratom leaf’s natural red color.


What is the strongest green vein Kratom?

Here at Artisan Botanicals, we love ALL of our Kratom powder and take it upon ourselves to create blends of potency with every strain. However, our customer base believes the Green Malay is the strongest green vein powder we offer in our store. You will love the alkaloid consistency and potency of this particular strain.


How Is green Kratom different from red Kratom?

Green vein Kratom gets its color from the red vein Kratom leaf. 90% of all Kratom leaves are red in origin, however, due to the meticulous processes of our harvesters and plantations we work with, it is through the drying process that makes a red vein color into a green vein color. This painstaking process is closely monitored by our experts as we continue to bring the highest quality green Kratom in the market.


Why do your customers drink green Kratom tea?

There are many ways you can consume green Kratom. First, you can make it into a tea and drink it hot. You can mix it with whatever outside blends you prefer, or you can consume it in a process our customers call a “toss and wash”. However you decide to consume our green Kratom, you will soon learn why so many of our customers love this strain color.


How much green Kratom should a beginner consume?

If you are a new Kratom tea drinker, you should begin with about 2 - 5 grams of powder. Typically from half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon. From there, monitor your body and add or subtract your dosage as needed in the future.


Is green Kratom safe to consume? 

Purchasing any type of Kratom powder from an online vendor can be risky if the vendor does not follow a certain measure of rules, regulations, and good manufacturing processes. Always ask to see the lab reports of any type of Kratom powder you are about to purchase from a new vendor. Here at Artisan Botanicals, we are proud to offer lab tested and high quality Kratom with every order. We even list the batch numbers on your product bag so you can refer to our lab reports. We will never offer contaminated products to our customers.


What is Maeng da Kratom?

Maeng Da, or Green Maeng Da Kratom, as well as many other Kratom names are simply marketing tactics vendors have thought up over the years. Essentially there are three types of Kratom colors (excluding the fermented colors such as gold and yellow), red, green, and white. Each “name” depends on the preference of the vendor, their attribution to blending and quality, and how creative they get in the blending process. Green Maeng Da Kratom, along with several other Kratom names have become a staple in millions of homes in America because of the health and wellness benefits they receive from these creative blends.


Why do your customers love green vein powder so much?

Our customers love green Kratom powder because of the potency it brings to their life. Green Kratom tea has been known to provide more focus, vitality, and offer an overall better way of life for people dealing with issues and stresses throughout their daily routine. Our customers love green Kratom because of the well-rounded benefits which come attached to this strain color.


Can I make tea with green Kratom powder?

You sure can! There are many ways you can make Kratom tea out of our green strain color. Here is where you can get creative, but our customers have:

  • Used green powder as a substitute for their morning coffee by running it through the coffee machine.
  • Placed the green Kratom in tea bags and steeped their own unique “tea”

There are many ways you can start enjoying your green Kratom powder today. If you need any assistance, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to assist you or answer any pressing questions you have about our products!