Artisan Botanicals offers the finest crushed leaf Kratom tea. Our crushed leaf products are an enjoyable way to experience the ever popular Kratom plant. The Artisan Botanicals crushed Kratom plant is not to be placed in the same distinction as Kratom powder, as this is a rougher cut than finely ground Kratom. Our customers love the all-natural taste of the crushed leaf as it promotes a wellness related way of life.

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      What Is Crushed Leaf Kratom?

      Kratom tea is one of the most versatile plants many Americans are using to extort an overall sense of wellness and enjoyment within their lives. One of the many aspects of the Kratom plant is through the enjoyment of the crushed leaf variety. 

      Crushed leaf Kratom is exactly that. It is a variation of your favorite color Kratom vein crushed in a rough texture. Many people enjoy the overall taste and experience of finely ground Kratom powder, however, don’t discount the benefits crushed leaf can offer your way of life as well. The Artisan Botanicals crushed leaf looks exactly like loose leaf tea and can be treated as such. Many of our customers will brew these leaves and steep them into a tea with lemon and/or honey. Not only is crushed leaf delicious, but many people in this country swear by the health and wellness attributes it brings them. 


      What Is Kratom Tea?

      There have been many people ask the question, “What is Kratom tea?”, and this is the perfect time to explain these facts. Crushed leaf Kratom is the closest form of “tea” you will get in this industry. As explained before, you can treat it exactly like steeping a tea bag in your mug. The greatest characteristic of all is you can steep the leaves more than once, bringing you more enjoyment of this popular plant. 

      Kratom tea has been explained in many ways. Many people have discovered what is Kratom tea from others in the industry or by searching it for themselves. However, the closest you will get to discovering what Kratom tea really is, is through our mature crushed leaves.