Use coupon code New2019 at checkout for 15% off!  Kilo and 1/2 Kilo splits available, no charge!

by artbotanicals on January 26, 2019

Artisan Family!

Sale is extended through the end of January! Usable once per customer with no order limits. It will work on CBD and Kratom both!

Kilo options are available again as well! No limit so go crazy if you want to!
Kilos can be split up to 4 ways, in 4 1/4’s, 3 1/3’s, or 2 1/2’s.
1/2 Kilos can be split up to 2 ways, in 1/2’s only.
In order to split go to place your order like normal and post in the order comments how you would like your 1/2 or full kilo split. If splitting between Kapuas or Blend options the price will be adjusted accordingly based around the kilo strain selected.

For example, if you order 1 Kilo of Green maeng Da($140+tax) and want it split 1/2 Green Maeng Da and 1/2 White Kapuas the final total after adjustments would be $157.50. 1 Kilo is 35 ounces and half or 35 ounces is 17.5 ounces. White Kapuas is $1 more per ounce than green maeng da so the split adjustment is adding $17.50 to the original Green Maeng Da price. A blend would ad $35 since blends are $2 more per ounce.

Please call, text or email us if you have any questions!
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We appreciate YOU!
Adam and Jamie Hull
The Artisan Family


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