UPDATE: NEW CBD Products and Updated Pricing

by abtheiss on February 25, 2019

Artisan has revamped its CBD product line with new products and even better(LOWER!) prices! Visit the shop today to check out Americas’s highest concentration of CBD in the market. Pharmacist Formulated, 100% All Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

CLICK HERE to shop our CBD line from PharmaCanna.

All PharmaCanna products are pharmacist formulated with only 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS. As nature intended it to be. PharmaCanna ingredients contain no animal products or by-products. PharmaCanna is a CRUELTY FREE company. None of our products or ingredients are manufactured or developed by methods that involve the experimenting on animals.

PharmaCanna was founded upon the belief that there exists a necessity for  a medical-grade CBD option for healthcare professionals. As a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, we wished to provide the best, purest and most natural products on the market. As healthcare professionals, we understand the desire to provide patients a quality product that produces consistent results. We take pride in manufacturing our entire product line using the pharmaceutical process. We utilize 3rd party testing in 3 separate steps of our manufacturing process. PharmaCanna strives to offer our partners peace-of-mind. We provide COA’s showing both purity of our raw ingredients and potency of the final products.


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