6 Proven Ways To Enjoy Kratom Powder

by Wade Harman on January 07, 2021

Many have came before us with imaginations and theories about the best way to drink Kratom powder. Everyone has their "way" they are used to in order to down the sweet relief that eventually comes with drinking Kratom tea. One of the most important elements when you buy Kratom online is not only finding the best Kratom vendor, but also the taste and feel of your tea. Kratom experts everywhere are consumed with learning about the epitome of these two topics. A close second is how they consume Kratom in their daily routine.

We have several years of experience with drinking Kratom and let me tell you, the jury is still out on how to disguise the taste. I'll never forget drinking my first cup of Kratom 18 years ago. It was as if you had given me a cup full of dirt. There I was gagging it down with my sister in the background (she was the one who introduced Kratom to me) cheering me on. Fifteen minutes later I was pleasantly surprised at the results and here I am today.

Many believe there are specific ways you can successfully drink Kratom powder without spewing it all over your counter. Remember, there really isn't a wrong way to do it. Once you find your way, stay the course. There will always be something that works for you. Here are some suggestions.


#1 - Hot Water

Surprisingly enough, many people enjoy blending warm/hot water with their Kratom powder because it allows the user to get rid of the clumps that come with mixing the powder with water. The warmth allows the coagulant to dissolve in your glass and not in the middle of your throat, which is always nice.

There is one fallback to this strategy, however. Many people believe in boiling their water before they blend it into the Kratom powder. This is the mistake. Unless you have a temperature gauge, stay away from boiling your water. Many professionals believe that boiling water may kill the alkaloids (the main chemical which makes Kratom work), thereby weakening your drink you worked so hard to prepare. Instead, use the warm side of hot to prepare your Kratom and enjoy this preparation effectively.


#2 - Orange Juice

This is not my method of enjoyment with Kratom. I'll share how I prepare it later, so be sure to read the entire post. However, I have no quarrels with mixing Kratom with orange juice because the citrus in the juice is a common potentiator for Kratom. For those of you who are new to the Kratom community, potentiators are things that are symbiotic with Kratom and make it stronger. Orange juice is one of those potentiators that can beef up your daily intake and have your motor running for quite some time.

Also, orange juice goes a long way to disguise the taste of your Kratom and can help you enjoy it a little better as well.


If you are used to enjoying, say, red vein Kratom, every day four times per day, you are bulking up on the calories. There are 102 calories in an 8 ounce glass of orange juice. If you are pouring that much, four times per day, that is over 400 calories every day which could be avoided. Other than this, orange juice is a great potentiator and is worth getting to know every once in a while with your Kratom.


#3 - Toss and Wash

Ah, the old toss and wash method. Newbie's may not know about this so I'll tell ya. The toss and wash method is when you take a scoop of Kratom powder and "toss" it in the back of your throat. This is followed by a liquid of your choosing to "wash" it down in one gulp. This method is the choice of many Kratom users. I dare say it's probably one of the most popular because the user can just get it over with faster and not have to deal with the horrible taste.

The toss and wash method needs to come with a warning label though. It's possible your Kratom will end up all over the mirror in front of you if you do not perform this action correctly. The good side of this action is you do get it over quickly and can enjoy your Kratom faster. This is not for the faint of heart and must be practiced.


#4 - Kratom Capsules

I am seeing a pattern here. For the most part, the reason people take Kratom in very odd ways is to eliminate the taste. Using Kratom capsules is the absolute BEST way to do that.

Kratom capsules is an easy way to get through the taste and experience the enjoyment of taking Kratom along with the rest of us. I know Kratom capsules have saved my life on more than one occasion and I was glad to have them. We offer a variety of Kratom capsules here at Artisan Botanicals and if you have had trouble dosing with Kratom powder, I highly suggest trying capsules instead as another option.


#5 - The Hawaiian Punch Method

Over the past 18 years I can say I have taken Kratom many different ways. I would say the biggest mistake I ever made was to take Kratom with something called Tang. I gained 15 pounds before I realized Tang contained a massive amount of calories, so I began looking for other alternatives.

It wasn't until I landed on Hawaiian punch that I found exactly what I needed. With only 5 calories per packet, I began to understand that not only should I be looking for something that worked for me, but also take into account the health factors that went along with what I chose to use. For me, the Fruit Punch packet works the best to disguise the taste and allows me to get the Kratom I love without the bad taste. If you're looking for another alternative to disguise the taste of your Kratom, try Hawaiian punch drink mix packets. They work.

First and foremost, you should also remember the calorie intake of the drink with which you choose to blend your Kratom with. While these substitutions are fine, they may come with some extra poundage if you're not careful.


#6 - Oblates

Oblates, or oblate discs, are another method customers are using to get around the taste of Kratom. Think of these as a capsule of sorts, yet once in the digestive system, the oblate disc opens up and dissolves, creating a faster release of the powder. 

When using oblates, the user will pack their Kratom dose like a taco in the oblate (rounded piece of digestible paper) and swallow with a drink. Very effective and highly used, however, it may take several tried to get this right.


No Wrong Way To Enjoy Kratom Powder

There are many ways to drink Kratom powder. These are definitely not all of them, but perhaps the most popular. No matter how you prefer to enjoy Kratom, the most important thing is, you're adding it into your daily routine. The Kratom community needs to learn more about the entire spectrum, and help each other as much as we can. There are always more and more new people who are coming into our community who are curious about our plant. Reach out and help someone by sharing this post to your social media stream, I would appreciate it.

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by Kathy on January 12, 2021

Perfect timing for your article! I use the capsules but was wondering about the powder. I think I’ll stick to my pills. 😆


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