by abtheiss on June 13, 2019

*Job applications will be accepted from individuals who live within the Oklahoma City metro area only*

I am now accepting open job applications for Artisan Botanicals Kratom & Kava & CBD. The dispensary is opening later this year but you may go ahead and apply for and we will keep your application on file and contact once the dispensary opens.

Business serious, savvy, adaptable, loyal and smart. Those are my big 4. Our companies(as in multiple) will be growing vertically and horizontally quickly over the next few years. Positions starting off will be more of a retail environment while learning and helping with other aspects of the business. As the dispensary, processing centers, indoor and outdoor grow facilities, non-profit organizations, media and advertising branches grow, we will move you into a new position where you would excel the most.

As with any small business that is growing, there are no promises. Changes, delays, and hurdles will all be a part of the growing process and transition.

A few details about us. We have been in business for close to 3 years now full time and have zero business debt, completely self-funded from day 1 starting with $200, we have had continuous growth of 5-20% per month over the last 18 months with no signs of slowing down(the opposite actually) and that is on the kratom side alone.

We are a company set to sky rocket with no limit in sight but have no doubt that there will be challenges. Those challenges will be faced head on and with those challenges will come opportunity for growth.

I am guessing a lot of you who are reading this, are curious about the Artisan Family  so definitely join our company Facebook group as well to learn more about us, if you are interested!

-Adam Hull, Owner



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