1/2 Kilos are back, no time limits and explanations!

by artbotanicals on November 10, 2018

To our Artisan Family,

We want to extend our apologies to each and every one of you affected by the temporary limits we placed on our products for the last few weeks; however, we do have wonderful and exciting news. We have removed the temporary limits of 4 oz per week and changed to ½ kilos and no time limit!

The devastation in Indonesia, which has claimed the lives of over four thousand people, has affected everyone nationwide. Artisan works closely with many of the top five vendors nationwide, who average about 20 tons of product at a time; however, now they are almost or are completely out of stock. For the last two weeks there has been a nationwide shortage due to natural disasters, new import tariffs causing China Air to cease import operations (of all products until China and the US renegotiate a new policy), and the FDA seizing more kratom than ever before–because they lost the Sitsa bill fight. These have been enormously unexpected challenges–that we have never faced before.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a light shining on the horizon. Everything is starting to return to normal when it comes to our stock here at Artisan. This is why we have decided to remove the temporary limits from 4 oz per week to ½ kilos with no time limit attached.  We will do this for the next two weeks,  to ensure there is no issue with our stock, and then resume with full kilo orders.

In addition, we would like to explain the reasoning for the price increase on our beloved product. A few months ago, we did a poll asking what our family (you) felt comfortable with, in regard to an increase in price. We thank everyone who contributed to the poll and want you to know—we listened. The Artisan Team decided to raise prices by $1  per ounce to prepare for our transition to opening our kratom and kava store front. 

As a business, having a shop requires more overhead, as we will be hiring more employees and have higher operating costs for our building and materials. We wanted to ensure that a price increase had a minimal effect on all of our customers, to still be as inexpensive as possible, and to ensure an effortless customer experience.

To conclude, our store front location is on pace to open in February 2019. We also want to remind all of you that the rewards program is still active for your account discounts.  Once the dust has settled, we will have a Customer Appreciation Day, where all of our products will be on sale as a “thank you” for those that have continued business with us during the limits the last two weeks.

The future is great for Artisan. We have come a long way since day one, and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for everyone in 2019!

As Always, thank you for joining us on this journey and we appreciate your business! 




The Artisan Botanicals Team


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